Create Incoming Transfers via Upload

How to Upload an incoming JSON.

  1. From your Dashboard go to Workflow (Magic Wand). Sales::Incoming-JSON01
  2. Select Ship / Receive. Sales::Incoming-JSON02
  3. Choose the middle on the page (Incoming Sale / Upload). Sales::Incoming-JSON03
  4. Next to Data Import paste, drag & drop a link, or click the Up Arrow to upload a file version of the JSON. Sales::Incoming-JSON04
  5. Select Create Incoming. Sales::Incoming-JSON05
  6. Leave the Product column set to Auto-Create, or choose a different product in the dropdown. Sales::Incoming-JSON06
  7. Leave the Variety column set to Auto, or choose a different variety in the dropdown. Sales::Incoming-JSON07
  8. Select a Section for the accepted inventory to be moved to. Sales::Incoming-JSON08
  9. Select Re-Assign Lot IDs to change all Incoming Lot IDs, or Use Vendor Lot IDs to keep the existing ones. Sales::Incoming-JSON09
  10. Select Accept Inventory to accept and create the Inventory Lots in your system. Sales::Incoming-JSON10